workshop: June 5 -- June 12, 2008
exhibition: June 27 – July 27, 2008


June 7th, 2008 has marked the start of the European soccer championship 2008. Zurich one of the host cities of this event and for the duration of three weeks, the city was put in a state of emergency. This event did not only revolve around sportive competition, but it also entailed many others interest which did not take place in the stadium, but in the urban space around.
In a week-long interdisciplinary workshop at the kick-off of the Euro 08, we have questioned the urban impact of the soccer tournament in Zurich: What changes can be observed during the Euro 08? How does the city represent itself as a brand? How is advertisement space being used? How does the logic of security strategies reflect on urban space? What kind of spontaneous and informal structures emerge apart from the official events?

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Map: Welcome to Fancity

The findings of our fieldwork have been envisioned as a city map of Zurich.


The results of the workshop are exhibited at the Shedhalle (Rote Fabrik Zürich) from June 27th to July 27th, 2008.

Program: www.rotefabrik.ch/fancity


Workshop and exhibition are part of the series FANCITY 2008.
Activities about the eventization of cities, Rote Fabrik Zürich.

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