winter term 2007


London is booming. It is a mirror of our day and age that unlike any other European city reflects contemporary social, economic, and political changes: transformation from an industrial to a service base, housing shortages and population growth, rising incomes and increasing social disparity, ethnic variety and a heightened danger of terrorist acts. These circumstances have led not only to enormous building activity and to the creation of new urban situations, but also to a tendency toward increasing segregation, differentiation, and surveillance.
The Urban Research Studio sees London as a big laboratory, as a "walk-through test arrangement" in which we can observe and investigate contemporary urban developments. In this test arrangement we are at one and the same time observers and participants, outsiders and insiders, scientists and test persons.
We will work in both Zurich and London. We will examine urban theory and local everyday life. We will implement empirical and investigative research methods. We will apply different methods of representation and documentation and sum them up in a book: The London Guide to Urban Living.


London School of Economics LSE